Kacy is a Senior!!

Oh my goodness … Kennesaw Mountain never looked so good!!

Beautiful girl … Beautiful day … Historic site . . .


The way you love your family, your friends, and Jesus is changing the world!   You go, girl!!

ūüíě Ashlyn & Price ūüíě

Wedding Day Sneak Peek!!!  

UPDATE!!  This beautiful bride approved a wonderful wedding day collection and you can enjoy the whole magical day!  Click on GALLERY in the header.

Beautiful, beautiful bride . . . Baker Sneak Peek-2

Also exquisitely happy!Baker Sneak Peek-1

Handsome groom . . . Baker Sneak Peek-3

Sparkling rings . . .
Baker Sneak Peek-4

Everybody is ready and it is finally time to walk down the aisle.  But first Рa selfie!Sneak Peek #5

Newlywed blessing . . .

Baker Sneak Peek-6Mr. and Mrs. R. Price Baker

“We are MARRIED,” he declared!
Baker Sneak Peek-7

“We are,” she softly agrees.
Baker Sneak Peek-8

Let all the people rejoice!
Baker Sneak Peek-10

and they did!Baker Sneak Peek-11

January 2nd at the stunning Trinity Lutheran Church in the temperamental Jacksonville winter  . . . you were remarkable!  Baker Sneak Peek-9

Thank you Ashlyn and Price for sharing your most beautiful blessed day with me.

Happy forever and ever!!


They Brought Shar Peis!

A unseasonably warm December day filled with beautiful light and this wonderful family felt like perfection!


They work together, study together  . . .


and look fabulous together!!


¬† C’mon . . . ¬† ¬†who doesn’t love a huge train depot canvas hanging in the middle of a park?? ¬†And could they look more glamorous?

Thank you Russell’s for sharing a beautiful afternoon and your puppies with me . . . ¬†it was magical!


When the photo shoot is more like a dance party  . . .

Everybody has a great time!!

_DSC2322-Edit.jpgEspecially the boss!

He leads a wonderful team!

_DSC2395-Edit-BW.jpgHave I mentioned they are AWESOME??!

Even their rescued mascot got in on the fun . . ._DSC2479-Edit.jpg

Dance parties are excellent photo shoots!

This is Her Year. . .

Senior Class of 2015!!

She would tell you 2015 has not been her most favorite year . . .

But I would tell you she is absolutely one of my favorites!

Eves 1Loved capturing this gorgeous girl at the beautiful Club Continental!

Congratulations on this incredible milestone, sweet girl.

Eves 2

You are light!!Eves -3

You are joy!!Eves 4

I love how you make me laugh!!Eves - 5

Watch out World … This dynamo¬†is on her way!!

Little Boy Blue . . .

Hello little guy!!

We are so happy you are here!

Sterling 1


We just love your little face . . .

Sterling 2


And those perfect little noises you make . . .

Sterling 3


And how Daddy just melts when he looks at you . . .


Sterling 4

And how Mommy just glows when you are in her arms . . .Sterling 5

Oh, we could not love you more!!
Sterling 6




So Very Two!

Gentle child with energy for days!

Curious . . .

curiousand independent . .

tutuand wide eyed . . .

think . .and absolutely wonderful!!


Two is perfection!