Arriving Summer 2015

It never would have occurred to me during the crazy weekend in 2011 when we met in an arena of 16,000, I would have the incredible blessing of calling them friend. Well, my friends are heading across the pond this week and won’t be back until fall . . . so I seized these few moments to celebrate their joy! momma momma 2 laughter momma and abba baby girl Can hardly wait to meet their little princess! Rejoicing!!

He is a Gift!

Celebrating some wonderful friends and their brand new baby boy. . .


He is a precious boy . . . from the top of his perfect little head

Ian 1to the tip of all ten of his tiny toes!

Ian 2

Big brother joined in for a picture!

Ian 6

And momma did not even know she was posing here!

Ian 5

There are so many things to look forward to!Ian 3

But today, we are just going to marvel at the gift of you . . .

Ian 7and say, “Thank you, Jesus!”

The Dress

It’s the littlest things.

A handmade dress created by her great great grandmother lovingly tucked away and gently passed down from one momma to the next makes its 21st century debut . . .

Gwen paint-Timeless.

THIS family! All joy!

It was my great pleasure to take a few quick shots before some dad’s birthday party started!

The whole big beautiful gang!!

Rice Family-21

A couple of fine young men  …

Rice Family-15

These lovely ladies …

Rice Family-10

Precious, precious parents  …

Rice Family-17

and one ‘artsy’ shot ….

Rice Family-30

Here’s praying for a phenomenal year, Joe!

Happy Birthday to you!